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ppk injector apk

PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) is the top online battle game in the world. A huge number of players enjoy the experience of PUBG overall in the world. The game is more enjoyable due to its high graphics and interface. If you are a PUBG player then this post must be useful for you. Today we are here with PPK Injector APK for PUBG. This is an antiban injector APK that is designed for PUBG and compatible with all Android devices.

If you are a new PUBG player and want to improve your gaming experience and boost your ranking. Then you can free download the PPK PUBG injector and access all its premium features.

Well PUBG is more complicated day by day, because of more experience and pro players. And it is difficult to win a chicken dinner. Moreover, it only provides a few mythic and premium items.

In addition, if you want to access PUBG premium items and improve your ranking without paying a single penny. Then PPK injector provides all the premium features without paying any cost like the Sniper Gaming VIP Injector for Free Fire and the New Imoba Injector for MLBB.

In addition, you can find the enemy location, loot location, upgrade guns, weapon skins, mythic outfits, and many more. So what are you waiting for download the latest version of PPK injector and enjoy the advantage of this tool.

ppk pubg injector v4 download

What is PPK PUBG Injector APK?

PPK Injector APK is an Android application that allows you to inject its various features into your game to make it more enjoyable.

Moreover, it is a lightweight application and can easily be installed on low-RAM Android smartphones. Furthermore, it is compatible with all Android devices and it provides an easy user interface. Moreover, PPK Injector is free of Ads and Viruses.

Furthermore, it is antiban and it doesn’t affect your PUBG ID. In addition, by using this injector APK you will be a pro player. Its latest version comes with various stunning features that you can inject into your game and win every battle. If you want to show off then it also provides premium PUBG items, outfits, and skins, for free.

Features of PPK Injector APK:

PPK Injector for PUBG comes with amazing features, that provide great assistance to win every chicken dinner. The features are mentioned below.

Anti-Ban Menu (Lobby)

Using third-party tools to get admin rights or change game mechanics is against the PUBG community. If PUBG bots find any kind of activity that is against their community they will ban your account.

So, to get rid of getting banned from PUBG it offers the Anti-ban feature that hides your activity from PUBG bots. Hence, without any fear, you can use all the features.

  • Micro Speed
  • LOG Clear Before Start
  • Data ON OFF
  • Bypass Lobby
  • Log Clear in Game
  • Antenna Head
  • Less Recoil

Weapon Menu (Match)

During your gameplay, you can use its weapon menu which consists of the following features. It assists you in getting an accurate headshot, making your aim accurate toward your enemy, and also you can fire magic and powerful bullets to give more damage.

  • Auto Headshot
  • AIM Bot Super
  • Magic Bullet

Match Menu (Match)

Additionally, using this helpful PUBG injector you can also customize your game by changing sky colors, speeding up the jeep, flying cars, and you can do the below acts.

  • Black SKY SD
  • Green SKY SD
  • Pink SKY SD
  • UAZ/ Jeep Speed Car
  • UAZ/ Jeep Fly Car
  • Dacia Fly Car

Wall Visible Menu (Match)

If you point to the location of your enemies then you can easily eliminate them using different tactics. This PUBG injector allows you to see your opponents behind walls. You can use the following servers to make the wall visible to you.

  • Snapdragon 855
  • Snapdragon 845
  • Snapdragon 712
  • Snapdragon 710
  • Snapdragon 660
  • Snapdragon 625
  • Snapdragon 435

Color Menu (Match)

Furthermore, to make the gameplay more enjoyable and colorful you can use the color menu during your match. Likewise, you can inject the following colors into your match to make the game colorful and enjoyable.

  • Red Body SD 855
  • Yellow Body SD 855
  • Red Body SD 845
  • Yellow Body SD 845
  • Green Body SD 845
  • Blue Body SD 845
  • Red Body SD 712/710
  • Yellow Body SD 712/710
  • Green Body SD 712/710
  • Blue Body SD 712/710
  • Color 675
  • Red Body SD 625/626/660
  • Yellow Body SD 625/626/660
  • Blue Body SD 625/626/660

Skins Menu (Lobby)

To get weapon skins usually you need to pay. But, there is no guarantee that you will get the skin. So, without paying any charges you can unlock all the skins of M416 by utilizing this PUBG Injector.

  • M416 Golden Trigger
  • M416 Maple Leaf
  • M416 Rugged Orange
  • M416 Glacier
  • M416 The Fool

Addition Features:

  • Anti Ban
  • Free To Download
  • Moreover, compatible with all Android devices
  • Ads free
  • Virus Free
  • Smooth in working
  • Light-weight application
  • Easy to use
  • More

Our Review:

PUBG is the most-played arena battle game overall the world. It has millions of Dying Hearts fans who really love to play the game due to its storyline and realistic graphics. But, due to highly skilled players, it is complicated to dominate the enemies. So, here we are with the PPK Injector that gives an edge to the users to eliminate foes without any high gaming skills.

We tested the tool and found it very reliable and it is the sole game-changer tool that enhances a better gaming experience. From in-game hacks to making the gameplay smoother by increasing its FPS all is done by this finer tool. Additionally, we found this PUBG hack safe and secure for our audience.

How to download and install PPK Injector APK?

  1. Tap the top download button to Download PPK Injector APK Latest Version.
  2. Once the download is complete before tapping the install button, allow the installation of unknown resources from your browser.
  3. Then tap the install button and wait for a few seconds.
  4. Once the APK is installed on your device then you can use it.

How to Use PPK PUBG Injector APK?

To use the PPK Injector, launch the app on your Android device and then allow its required permissions. Then you will find three options on the main interface which are Root Menu, Non-Root, and Open PUBG. Furthermore, on the Root menu, you can use the injector with its antiban features by which your PUBG ID will not be banned.

Another is the Non-Root option in which there is no option to inject the anti-ban or bypass features. But that may affect your PUBG account. The last is Open PUBG from which you can play the PUBG Mobile game.

In addition, to use and inject the PPK Injector 2023 features tap the root button. You will find all its features, now enable the features which you want on your game. There are many features that I have also mentioned above. Then open your game, and enjoy the real experience of PUBG with the PPK PUBG tool.

Login Password:

Furthermore, the PPK injector APK requires a login password to get access to the APK. Without the password, you can only install the APK but you will not be able to use its amazing features. Using the below password you can get access to the PUBG Injector tool.

Password: 954548

ppk injector password
PPK injector password


What is the login password of the PPK injector?

The login password is 954548, Enter this password to access the PUBG injector.

What are the benefits of using a PUBG injector?

Using a PUBG injector allows you to inject various features into your gameplay to make your game valuable and easy to win.

Is it safe to use this injector?

Yes, this injector is free of all harmful viruses, malware, and bugs. So, without any fear of losing your data or hacking you can use this tool.


In conclusion, PPK Injector APK is a very useful full PUBG tool by which you can inject its various and stunning features into your game without any technical error. Make your survival possible with the prominent features of the injector and dominate the battle. Download now. In case of any trouble feel free to contact us.

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