Middle Rider FF APK V4_v1.100.X Free Download For Android

There are tons of Free Fire tools available on the internet but most of them are not compatible with user desires. Today we are right here to introduce the Middle Rider FF APK which is a Free Fire tool that will help you to get access to various unique and amazing features.

Indeed, this Free Fire injector is specially designed for Android-based smartphones and tablets. If you are a Free Fire lover then you can take many benefits by using this FF injector. Likewise, the Shadow Team injector it has also remarkable features.

A Free Fire player always tries to eliminate his/her opponents and increase their rankings. But it is not possible to win every single battle. So, here we have the best solution for all your needs and you will grab every single match without any hard afford.

middle rider ff apk
Middle Rider

What is Middle Rider FF?

The majority of our community are Android users and we also take care of them. The best thing is that this tool is in the form of an Android application that you can install on your device and access its features.

Additionally, the app supports all Android device versions from Android version 5 to 13. So, without having any kind of trouble you can use this tool. Moreover, the app doesn’t contain harmful programs and it never requires you to enter your personal information.

Furthermore, advertisements create more disturbance, but the amazing thing about this app is that it doesn’t contain any company ads. Due to this, it creates a good user experience and all FF fans love this tool. So, download its latest version by tapping on the top download button for free.

Features of Middle Rider FF APK:

The latest version of the Middle Rider FF injector offers a variety of helpful features that every FF player can use in his/her game. Here we are going to explore some of its notable features that help you to choose the right injector for your game.

Accurate aiming

The injector offers a variety of different aiming features that help you to make your aim accurate. And you can eliminate more enemies in less time. Also, it makes your response toward your opponents quick. The below features that you need to enable before playing your game so it will help you in accurate aiming.

  • Aimbot 99%
  • Aimlock
  • Auto-aim
  • Aim Scope
  • Aim Crouch

Character Fly

Another helpful feature that you will find in this FF tool is its flying function. During a rush game, you need to protect yourself from your opponent’s bullets. But due to enemies all around you, you can’t escape from that place.

There the fly feature helps you to fly your character and take your character away from the bullets of your opponents. The below fly features help you to fly your character.

  • Fly
  • Fly direction
  • Fly angle
  • Fly speed

Weapon location

To kill more enemies in battle and increase your K.D. you need to kill a higher number of enemies in every match. But, a maximum of 10, to 15 enemies you can grab during the whole gameplay.

But, using the location of powerful guns you can find powerful guns quickly and eliminate more enemies after landing on the battlefield. You will find the location of the following guns after enabling the location menu.

  • Shotgun location
  • MP40 location
  • M14 location
  • AWM location

Location of other resources

During your gameplay players are searching for different resources and items that help them during their gameplay. But to find the exact location of resources is more complicated. Using the location feature you can view the location of all the resources that are used during your gameplay like.

  • Medkit location
  • Smokes and grenades location
  • Energy drinks location
  • Gloowall location
  • LVL 3 vest and helmet location

Unlock emotes and skins

All skins and emotes are paid in Free Fire. And you can unlock some of them by completing tasks and missions. For more exclusive emotes and skins you need to pay FF diamonds. So, to unlock various premium skins and emotes without paying any charges you can use this tool.

Additional Features of Middle Rider APK:

  • Green enemy location: This feature grants access to view the spot the live location of the enemies.
  • No recoil: It reduces the gun recoil to zero and minimizes the gun shaking for better aiming.
  • No reloading of guns: This feature allows players to continuously fire on their targets without reloading of guns.
  • Walk in water: With this feature, players can run and walk in the water to cross rivers easily without swimming.
  • Free to download: It doesn’t require any payments, and all the features are available to avail without any cost.
  • Free of advertisements: This injector is free of disturbance in creating advertisements.
  • Free of harmful programs and viruses: It is safe and secure from harmful programs and dangerous viruses.
  • More

Our Review:

Middle Rider FF APK is an exclusive Free Fire hacking tool that contains all the essential features. Especially, A headshot, aimbot, and ESP features are the most liked features that help in the quick elimination of foes. Also, we tested the tool and found it safe and secure for our audience. So, without any hesitation or fear download Middle Rider FF APK.

How to download, install, and use Middle Rider FF?

  • Firstly, tap on the top download button to download Middle Rider FF.
  • Once, it is completely downloaded on your device then go to settings and allow the installation of unknown resources.
  • After that, locate the downloaded file and tap on the file to install.
  • After its installation, you will find the injector icon on the home screen of your device.
  • Now open the injector and allow the required permissions to get access.
  • After that allow the injector to display over other apps.
  • Lastly, open the Free Fire game simultaneously with the injector and enjoy the battle.


Why use the Middle Rider FF injector?

Using this FF tool you can get access to the above-mentioned features without paying any charges.

How to use this Free Fire injector APK on an Android device?

After installation, launch the injector on your device. There you will find all the above features. Now you can choose the functions that you require in your gameplay and enable them.

Is there any login password or registration process for this FF tool?

No, without entering any password or any registration process you can use this FF tool.

Is it safe to use the Middle Rider FF APK?

Yes, the APK is absolutely secure and trusted to use. Because it is uploaded on our website after reviewing the application by different tools.


The best opportunity for Free Fire lovers is now here, get the latest version of Middle Rider FF APK now and access a variety of exclusive features. Now you don’t need to search for another FF tool you can get all the required features in one place.

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