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Glancing for a 100% working CODM Injector APK to enhance the user experience by facilitating the gameplay technicians like Patatas CODM Injector APK? Then choose the Kentzy Injector APK to experience the better-as-you aspect. With its incredible features boost your rankings and grab every match. Also, access to its essential functions makes your game easier to win.

We all love to play online arena games, like PUBG, Free Fire, and Call of Duty. Moreover, these games contain millions of active users. Who are enjoying the game and some players use these games as their profession.

Due to millions of active users, these games are being complicated day by day and it is difficult to win a battle without gaming skills and good-performance devices.

So, the developers of Kentzy CODM injector developed this injector for Call of Duty to provide an easy gaming experience.

Furthermore, the latest version of Kentzy Injector comes with various features like character speed, wide view, aimbot, headshot, no recoil, and many more. Which provides a great contribution to winning a game.

kentzy codm injector 2023
kentzy Injector

What is Kentzy Injector APK?

The Kentzy is an injector for Call Of Duty that is developed to make the game mechanics easy. Moreover, it is an antiban CODM injector so your ID will be safe to get banned. Additionally, for new CODM players, it plays a vital role.

Moreover, you can use its amazing features and inject various types of CODM skins, features, and access to other premium items without paying a single penny.

Furthermore, it is free to download and use. Also, it is compatible with all Android device versions and can be easily installed on low-ram devices.

With its easy user interface, you will never find any trouble while operating and using its functions. So, what are you waiting for Hit the top download button and download the best CODM Injector free.

Features of Kentzy CODM Injector APK:

Kentzy Injector APK is now available with the most in-demand CODM hacks and strategies that provide assistance to empower the battle and play like a pro. Here are some of the features.

Bypass Anti-Ban

The injector provides the bypass antiban feature that will save your account from getting banned. Moreover, it contains the following features that hide your activity from CODM bots.

  • Logo Bypass
  • Anti-report (Buggy)
  • Support all game versions

Game Optimization

By utilizing this injector you can optimize your game while playing. You can activate a game booster to boost the game performance and increase the FPS helping you to fix the game lag.

  • Show FPS Meter
  • Activate Game Booster
  • Close Injector

Gameplay Config

Automatically sets safe features while applying the features. Using these features you can configure your gameplay by applying different features. Likewise, the below features will assist you during firing and rush gaming.

  • Character Speed
  • Magic Bullet
  • Moreover, activate Safe Play

Main Features

In addition, to the features of this helpful injector. The CODM injector also offers a variety of other features that will help you in eliminating your enemies, improve your aim, increase your response, and many other features that will help you during your gameplay.

  • Wall features
  • ESP Tags MP
  • ESP Tags BR
  • Spectator Tags
  • Buff Damage
  • No Hitmark
  • No recoil
  • No Spread
  • No Reload
  • Fast scope
  • Static Crosshair
  • Wall Shoot
  • Rapid Fire
  • Moreover, auto Headshot
  • Black Sky
  • Darkmode
  • No Smoke

Player Movement

The injector also allows you to inject various features that will help to improve the movement of your player. You can perform long slides, high jumps, and other activities that are mentioned below.

  • Long Slide
  • High Jump
  • Wall Climb
  • Gravity Fall
  • Also, walking Underwater

Aimbot Menu

Aimbot is the most important thing in eliminating your enemies. A strong aim always wins due to accurate shots. The injector offers a variety of aimbot features that help you in accurate aiming.

  • Strong Aimbot
  • Soft Aimbot
  • Also, smooth Aimbot

Drone View

Change the screen resolution and view your game accordingly. The drone view features of this injector help you view the battleground from different angles. This will help you to see a wider view of your game and you can also view the location of your enemies that hide from you.

  • Wide X 0-Max
  • Wide Y 0-Max
  • Furthermore wide View 0-Max

Bullet Track Menu

In addition, to the features of this tool, you can also the bullet that you fire towards your opponent.

  • Strong bullet track
  • Low bullet track
  • Moreover, bullet track fix

Character Skins offered by Kentzy Injector APK

There is a variety of skins that are offered by this exclusive CODM tool. You can unlock different character skins without spending any cost. Use this tool and get your favorite skin without paying a single penny from your pocket. The character skins that the tool provides include.

  • Urban Tracker- Peacetime
  • Kreuger- Raptured Steel
  • Kreuger- Black Hat
  • Ghost- Retribution
  • Dame- Epic
  • Cassius- Cold Blood
  • Siren- Hydrodynamic
  • Manta Ray- Zhen
  • Firebreak- Magmageddo
  • Reaper- Naughty List
  • Torque- King
  • Atlas- Crash
  • Nyx Epic
  • Angel Alice
  • Recon- Flickering Shadow
  • Codename- Lazaru
  • Outrider- Techborn
  • Firebreak- Balistic
  • Skylla- Redmi
  • Tedd- Hardware
  • And more

Antenna Settings

Furthermore, the Kentzy injector also allows you to adjust the Antenna colors. Moreover, it provides access to different colors. You can select the Antenna color accordingly.

Additional Expected Features of Kentzy Injector APK:

  • Free to download: The Kentzy Cod injector is free to download and use, it doesn’t charge a single amount from your side.
  • Friendly interface: The user interface is straightforward and easy, so you can efficiently operate and apply its functions to your game without any trouble.
  • Compatibility: Moreover, it can be installed on every low-ram Android device.
  • Free of ads & Viruses: It is free of advertisements and harmful malware so you will never find any trouble while operating the VIP CODM injector APK.
  • No password: You don’t need to search for the Kentzy injector key, because it doesn’t require any login password.
  • Unlock skins: This injector APK allows you to unlock all skins of cod mobile.

Our Review:

After testing the kentzy CODM Injector we are shocked by its results. All its features are working fine and provide amazing results. Its aiming, drone view, headshot, and game optimization features make the battle more flexible. Also, you can access all the premium and costly in-game resources without paying any money. So, if you are excited by the features then we highly recommend this gaming tool. Download Kentzy Injector APK and uplift your game.

How to download and install Kentzy CODM No Ban Injector APK?

  1. Firstly, click on the top download button to download the latest version of the Kentzy CODM Injector APK.
  2. After that tap the install button and install it on your Android device.
  3. Once, the no-ban CODM injector is installed on your device then launch the APK.
  4. And then, launch the injector and from the first interface select the Menu option.
  5. And then, it will ask you to allow the APK to display over other apps.
  6. For that purpose go to settings>Apps and notification> Kentzy injector> and enable the option of displaying over other apps option.
  7. And then, enable the features which you want in your CODM game.


Is it safe to use this CODM injector?

Yes, this injector is tested by our team and also scanned by various tools and we found this tool safe and secure for our audience.

Is it possible to get CODM character skins for free?

Yes, you can unlock all the character skins of CODM using this injector for free.

What’s new in this tool?

The injector has many unique features that make this tool very helpful for CODM lovers.


In conclusion, Download Kentzy Injector APK from here and inject its remarkable features into your game. Enhance the better experience with this injector. Take your game to the next level and experience the enhanced gameplay. In case of any trouble feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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