Crush Ax (C-Ax Bypass) Injector APK v27 Download For Android

A new exclusive Free Fire injector is now available for our Free Fire community. This injector is known as Crush Ax Injector that comes with new and incredible features. Like the Middle Rider FF injector, it also has the ability to change the mechanics of your game.

If you are a new FF player and in the beginning, you face many difficulties. So, to compete with experienced players you need to practice a lot. But by utilizing this FF tool you can feel the game easily and without practicing or any experience you can easily grab any complicated game.

To boost your rankings this tool also plays an important role. You will get an additional advantage to defeat your opponents. You can make your aim accurate and lock your aim at the body of your competitor. Additionally, there are many other features that we will discuss in this article.

Crush Ax Free Fire injector APK V13
Crush Ax

What is Crush Ax Injector APK?

Free Fire users now stay with us because this app now blows your mind. Due to its working and incredible features, this tool will reach its peak in some days. It is developed by the Crush Ax team and they also have many other tools that are available on our website.

The main purpose of this tool is to assist FF players in every situation. For accurate aiming to loot locations all the features are now available in this tool. The tool supports Android versions 6 to 12 and it also works for Android version 13+.

It has individual options for devices that support 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Furthermore, the app is free of unwanted advertisements and viruses that create disturbance and damage your device. So, without paying any cost now you can free download this amazing tool on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Features of Crush Ax (C-AX Bypass) Injector:

Despite other FF injectors, this injector has many new and rank working features that you can inject into your game to take their full advantage. So, here we are going to discuss its notable and main features.

Aimbot Menu

A variety of aimbot features are offered by this injector to make your aim more accurate and strong. This is a great advantage for FF players who don’t have good aiming skills. An accurate aim is very important in every battle. Without an accurate, you can’t compete with experienced players.

Using the following aimbot features now you don’t need to drag the aim using your finger. The injector will automatically target your opponent. So, without any afford of dragging your aim toward your opponent, this tool automatically makes your aim accurate and targets your opponent.

Additionally, an accurate headshot is also essential. Because by hitting on the head of your opponent you can give more damage to your opponent. This helps you to quickly eliminate your opponents.

  • Auto Aimbot 32-64 Bit
  • Auto Aimlock 32-64 Bit
  • Drag HS OBB 32-64 Bit
  • Fix Blacklist 32-64 Bit
  • Neck HS OBB 32-64 Bit
  • Bypass OBB 32-64 Bit
  • Magic + No Drag HS

ESP Menu

ESP is a great feature that provides an additional advantage to view the location and see hidden enemies. So, using an ESP feature helps you to point your enemies. Using the ESP hologram feature you can manipulate your enemies.

Additionally, ESP crosshair is also available, using the ESP crosshair feature you can customize your crosshair during your gameplay. You can change the size and color of your crosshair accordingly.

Other Menu

There are many other features that you can inject into your game using this helpful injector. Likewise, if you have increased your rankings then you can use the fix rank drop feature to not drop your rankings. Also, the injector offers its OBB file which contains all the features.

Moreover, if you want to secure your account from getting banned then you can use its anti-detect feature. So, FF bots can’t detect your activity. Furthermore, to prevent other players from reporting your ID you can also use its anti-report feature. So, no other players will report your ID.

Additional Features:

  • Compatibility: The app supports all devices that contain Android versions from 6 to 13+.
  • OS System: Furthermore, it also supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • Hide injector icon: You can also hide the injector icon during your gameplay.
  • No password: Also, it didn’t require any login password.
  • Dark theme: The injector also has a dark mode for dark theme lovers.
  • No OBB: No OBB file is required.
  • More

Our Review:

Crush Ax Injector APK brings all the features in one place. Now you can avail features from aiming to wall hacks with this injector. All the features are functional and give amazing results. Especially, its aimbot, headshot, and wallhack are very valuable to skillfully eliminating foes. So, if you are looking for a FF hack then we highly recommend the Crush AX. Download Crush AX APK and avail all its features at no cost.

How to download, install, and use Crush AX Injector APK?

The process of downloading and installation is quite simple and you can use the injector without any technical knowledge. Just follow the below instructions.

  • First of all, tap on the top download button to Download Crush AX Injector APK on your Android device.
  • After that, go to your device settings and allow the installation of unknown resources for the browser you using.
  • Then, go to the downloads section of your browser and locate the APK file of Crush AX.
  • When you find the file tap on it and follow the on-screen installation instructions.
  • Once, done you will find the injector application on the home screen.
  • Now, launch the file and allow the required permissions.
  • Once all is done, select the features that you want in your game and tap on the inject button.
  • And then, from your device settings allow the injector to display over other apps.
  • Now, launch the Free Fire game simultaneously with the injector and enjoy the game.


Is the Crush Ax injector safe to use?

Yes, the injector is safe and secure to use, because it doesn’t contain any viruses and malware-containing programs that affect your device.

Does this tool support all Android versions?

Yes, the injector supports all Android devices that contain Android versions from 6 to 13.

How much storage does this injector take?

This a lightweight application that will get only 24 MBs of storage.

How to contact the developer of this injector?

There are options available on the interface of this tool, you can contact its developer through YouTube and Telegram.

How to inject the features of this FF tool?

The injector comes with a quite simple user interface you just need to enable the features that you want in your game and the process is automatic.


So, here is a new and helpful Free Fire tool that assists Free Fire players in boosting their gaming skills and increasing their rankings. Additionally, you don’t need to fear getting banned, because by enabling its anti-detect and anti-report features FF bots can’t detect your activity. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Crush Ax Injector now and boost your gaming venture to the next level.

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