List of PUBG Mobile Characters With Full Details

PUBG Mobile Characters Review:

Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) Mobile game is the most popular game overall the world. A huge number of gamers play this game on daily basis. In the beginning, the game reached its peak, and many gamers play the game due to its amazing game mechanics, sounds, graphics, and amazing game characters of PUBG Mobile.

Every character has unique skills, emotes, outfits, voice, and lobby entry. The PUBG Mobile battle game contains many 10 popular characters. You can choose your favorite character in your gameplay and also you can create a custom character.

In the beginning, you have the Victor character unlocked and all other characters are locked. You need to spend UC to unlock all other characters, additionally, by completing missions you can earn character cards to unlock other characters without spending UC.

PUBG Mobile Characters:


Victor is the first character in the PUBG Mobile game which was introduced in Season 9. In beginning you will get this character, you don’t need to unlock the Victor character because it is already unlocked. His physical look is not too good but his performance on the battleground is amazing.


Instead of his physical look, most players like his voice. His voice is louder and seems to be dangerous. Now Victor is trending on every platform likewise in Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, etc. It has many fans and now it is being used for funny clips on social media.

Skills & Abilities of Victor:

  • The ability to reload submachine guns is very faster than other PUBG characters.
  • Victor has the ability to carry more ammo of submachine weapons.

Outfits of Victor:

  • Special Forces Set
  • Commando Set
  • Elite Officer Set
  • Paratrooper Set
  • Street Style Set

Emotes of Victor:

  • Accept Challenge
  • I will handle it
  • Let’s get started

Voice notes of Victor:

  • I’m going in first, as usual.
  • I’ll get the gun!
  • Follow me!
  • I’ll go around. Wait for my call!
  • Ambush! but don’t panic!


Andy is the most popular and used character in the PUBG Mobile game. The character seems to be like a magician. Andy is a master of guns and he is well-trained with various skills and abilities. The character of Andy is locked and you need to pay to unlock it. He is costly to purchase. If you want to purchase Andy then you need to pay 1200UC or 1200 character cards.


Additionally, to increase the level you need to pay or complete its tasks. As you complete its levels you will unlock his speed, emotes, and on level 8 you can unlock his Masked Comedian outfit. Also, at level 10 you can unlock his MVP which is really amazing.

Skills & Abilities of Andy:

  • Due to his expertise in weapons, he can handle guns very lightly.
  • High speed of drawing and putting away guns.

Outfits of Andy:

  • Puppetmaster Andy Exclusive Hat
  • Puppetmaster Andy Exclusive Mask (Silver)
  • Exclusive Suit
  • Comedian Suit (Silver-Grey)
  • Outfit ( Ice Blue)
  • Outfit (Jade Green)
  • Puppet Godfather Andy Suit
  • Master Performer Andy Suit
  • Puppetmaster Andy Suit
  • Puppet Godfather Hat
  • Master Performer Hat
  • Puppetmaster Hat
  • Masked Comedian (Metal)
  • Comedian Mask (Gold)

Emotes of Andy:

  • Handstand
  • Cossack Dance
  • Pretend to be hit
  • Improvisation
  • Puppet Show

Voice notes of Andy:

  • Gimme a Medkit and I’ll make it disappear.
  • If I could actually do magic. I’d make all the bullets disappear except for mine.
  • Let’s get this show on the road!
  • Make you smile? That’s easy.
  • I’ll pull the strings and me a show of it.
  • I’m the Puppet master! You listen to ME!
  • I can make this gun talk!
  • Appreciated!
  • Wasn’t me!


Carlo is the most stylish character in PUBG Mobile. He is a Bounty Hunter who has learned to use many different weapons during his illustrious battle career. And he is especially skilled at taking less damage when falling. He once fought for money, but now he fights for his companions. His voice is nice but not too dangerous.


Additionally, to get the Carlo character you need to pay 1200UC or 1200 Character cards. You can also increase his levels, on level 6 you will receive an exclusive emote and on level 8 you can unlock its Aspiring Hunter outfit, and on level 10 you will get his astonishing MVP style.

Skills of Carlo:

  • He has outstanding survival skills.
  • Reduces fall damage taken by 24% Max

Outfits of Carlo:

  • Magma Hunter Mask
  • Aspiring Hunter Suit
  • Magma Hunter Suit
  • Lowland Hunter Suit
  • Woodland Hunter Suit
  • Fiery Hunter Suit
  • Mysterious Hunter Suit
  • Marine Hunter Suit
  • Lowland Hunter Mask
  • Woodland Hunter Mask
  • Aspiring Hunter Mask
  • Fiery Hunter Mask
  • Mysterious Hunter Mask
  • Marine Hunter Mask

Emotes of Carlo:

  • Ponder
  • Check Ammo
  • Throw Grenade
  • Joy

Voice notes of Carlo:

  • Watch out for ambush. Don’t rush!
  • Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Hold your positions!
  • Danger yup ahead!
  • Turn on voice chat!
  • If the price is right, I’ll do it.
  • Hit and run, that’s the way I roll.
  • If you want to win, you have to be careful
  • I like to hunt down my targets one at a time
  • Lay low and wait for the prey to show itself.
  • All you need to do is to kill the last enemy standing to win.


Sara is a vehicle expert who loves automobiles and going for rides. She excels at reinforcing vehicles so that they take less damage when she drives or is riding in a vehicle. By looks, Sara seems to be like a very cute and innocent girl but she is very dangerous on the battlefield.


Her voice is very thick and can be heard from a long distance. Her age is very young and she has a slim body. She is very fit and can run faster and jump higher. Her ability to drive vehicles is to the next level than other PUBG characters, her driving skills are really amazing.

Sara has also 10 levels, you can increase her levels by earning Character EXP cards. On level 5 you will can unlock her Jubilan emote, and on level 8 you can unlock her Cool Girl outfit, and same as on level 10 you can unlock her stylish rolling gun MVP.

To purchase the Sara character you need to pay 600 UC or 600 Character cards. Without paying UC or character cards you will be able to use her character.

Skills & Abilities of Sara:

  • Sara is a genius at modifying vehicles.
  • When driving or riding in a vehicle, the damage taken by vehicles is reduced by 10% maximum.

Outfits of Sara:

  • Sara’s hair
  • Rain Forest Maiden
  • Cool Girl Suit
  • Race Queen Suit
  • Vagabond Suit
  • Vehicle Expert Suit
  • Garage Geek Suit
  • Mechanic Queen Suit
  • Tea Green Hair Color
  • Olive Hair Color
  • Red Hair Color

Emotes of Sara:

  • Jubilant
  • ROFL
  • Let’s have a big go at it
  • Silent sigh
  • Sawadee Kha
  • Dancing Wrench
  • Bootcamp Party

Voice Notes of Sara:

  • You don’t look half bad, dude
  • I’m so poor, I’m eating lobster every day!
  • Hey girl, wanna get a drink before we go?
  • Sawaddee Ka! Happy Now?
  • I can tell whether a car’s good or bad just by listening to its engine
  • Alright, it’s still got four wheels, so I can fix it.
  • My heart is powered by gear-driven
  • Trust me. I can Fix it!
  • You’re as important to me as an engine in a car!
  • Cheer up! I can help you fix any problem!
  • Whether it’s taking cars apart or fixing them, I can do it all
  • Every car’s got a soul embrace them!
  • Hey, I’m hurt! Give me a hand!
  • Whistle! Not Bad!
  • Choo-Choo! All aboard! Next stop the safe zone


Lorenzo is a new mail character in the PUBG Mobile game. He is a veteran who is an expert at survival. He will use the terrain, topography, and climate to cleverly camouflage himself and wait quietly for his prey to approach or leave if it is too dangerous.


His looks are amazing and he has a muscular body. You can get this character by spending 600 UC or 600 character cards. He has a unique voice and tenor voice.

Skills of Lorenzo:

  • He has amazing survival skills.

Outfits of Lorenzo:

  • Seasoned Veteran Cover
  • Veteran Mask
  • Veteran Set Suit

Emotes of Lorenzo:

  • Repel Mosquitoes
  • Check Clues
  • View Armor

Voice notes of Lorenzo:

  • Let’s flank them
  • You can’t see me
  • Hide and be quiet
  • Run along the edges of the zone

End Remarks:

These are the most popular characters of the PUBG Mobile online battle game. Some other new characters are added to the game but they are not as popular. The newly added characters are Laith, Sophia, Riley, Emilia, and Anna.

My favorite character is Carlo because of his stylish looks, emotes, and outfits. Also mentioned your favorite character and why you love that character in the comment box. I hope you have got all the information that you are searching for.

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