How To Optimize Android Device For Gaming: Tips and tricks for improved performance

How to optimize your Android device for gaming:

How To Optimize Android Device For Gaming: Tips and tricks for improved performance
How to optimize your android device

Everyone in the modern world plays a variety of games on their mobile. And mobile game is now at their peak and their evolution is increasing day by day. But due to low performance usually players can’t enjoy the game as they expect. But, don’t worry today in this blog post we are going to discuss how you can optimize your Android device for gaming. Using some tips and tricks you can increase your android device performance. So, let’s explore the tactics that you can use to improve your device’s performance.

Update your device:

Usually, many people didn’t understand the impact of updating the device. The first thing to optimize your android device for gaming is to update your device to its latest version. This will help you to fix all device-related bugs and errors.

how to update the software of android device
Update your device software

After updating your device you will find improvement in performance. And it will also boost your gaming performance. In addition, don’t forget to check the updates of all the apps that are installed on your device. If apps require any update then you need to update that app. This will fix the bugs and increase your device’s performance.

Close apps running in your background:

In addition, the apps that are unnecessary and always running in the background of your device also affect your device’s performance. These apps consume the RAM and CPU of your device, also they drain your battery without any reason.

how to remove background apps
Remove background apps

Make sure to remove the apps from your background to fix your device lag. By removing the background apps you can find an improvement in your device performance, hence your gaming performance will also increase.

Use Game Booster tools:

Using game booster tools may help you to increase and improve your gaming performance. These tools are designed in such a way that they can control all usage of CPU and RAM. They put the game that you select in the priority. So, the CPU and RAM be utilized first in your game and then on other resources.

How game boosters boost gaming performance
Game boosters

Additionally, these tools help you in removing unnecessary apps and other resources that affect your device performance. Moreover, they can help you in cleaning the malware and viruses on your device. Hence, using these tools may help you to boost the gaming performance of your device.

Turn off animation, notifications, and other effects:

Animations, notifications, and other effects of your device may affect your device’s performance. Popup notifications during gameplay may cause in lag your game. And the animations and other effects consume the CPU and GPU of your device.

How to turn of notifications, animations and effects in android
Turn off notifications

So, you need to turn off all the animations, notifications, and other effects of your device to boost your device’s performance. Hence, you will find a better change in your gaming performance as well.

Use a Cooling pad:

During gameplay, the CPU, GPU, and RAM of your device are used. And due to the high usage of these resources, your device may be heated up. The heating of the device can cause many issues like low performance, lag, battery draining, and more.

Benefits of using a cooling pad
Using a cooling pad

So, by using a cooling pad your device becomes cool and fresh every time you play the game. This will help you to optimize your android device gaming performance and you can enjoy a better experience.

Upgrade device hardware:

Online battle games such as PUBG, Free Fire, and Call Of Duty require better devices for a better game experience. If you are a player of these online battle games and you are facing device performance issues then you need to upgrade your device.

Benefits of upgrading hardware of android
Upgrade device hardware

If you are serious about your hobby then you need to upgrade hardware resources like RAM or processor. By upgrading the hardware resources of your device you can boost your device performance and you will never find any kind of lag or performance issues with your device.

Benefits of optimizing your device:

  • You can boost your device performance by optimizing your device.
  • You will never face lag issues.
  • Your device can run smoothly.
  • You will never find bugs in your device.
  • Malware and viruses can be removed while optimizing your device.
  • Boot your device performance for both gaming and usually working.


Does upgrading RAM improve gaming performance?

Yes, upgrading the RAM of your device, will increase the gaming performance.

Which Android device is best for gaming?

Near me, One Plus mobile models, Google Pixel models, and Aquas models are best for gaming. Because these devices contain good processors along with good CPU performance.

How to I optimize my Android device for gaming?

There is a simple way that you can use to make your device ready for playing games. You need to enable the game mode which helps your device to utilize the CPU, GPU, and RAM on your game and remove background apps.

Why is it important to optimize my Android device for gaming performance?

By optimizing your android device for gaming, it will improve the performance of your device during your gameplay.

How can I clear up storage space on my Android device?

To clear up storage space on your android device, first, you need to uninstall unused apps and programs from your device. Then you need to clear the cache of your device to remove unused files.

Are there any apps or tools that can help me optimize my Android device for gaming performance?

Yes, there are many tools that are designed for android devices to increase their FPS and provide a great gaming performance. Some of tools include the GFX tool and Game Tunner are popular tools.

How can I update my device software?

To update your device software first you need to go to settings> system> system update> if the update is available then click on the download and install button to update your device software.

Which are the best processors to play games in high FPS?

>Mediatek Helio p90.
>Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.
>Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.
These are the best android processors to play games with high FPS. You can play PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty, MLBB, and other games without any lag in high FPS if you have the above processors.

End Remarks:

So these are the tips and tricks that will help you in upgrading your android device gaming experience. If you are really serious about gaming performance then you must need to follow the above-mentioned tactics.

Additionally, after applying these tips and tricks if you didn’t the results then you need to change your device. And get a new device that can fulfill your expectations. For more help regarding this article, you can feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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