Best PUBG Mobile Gun Combination For better gameplay:

Best Gun Combo In PUBG Review:

The best gun combination during the battle is very important. The majority of PUBG players play the game with a good gun combination. They kept guns for both short and long ranges. Today in this blog post we will discuss the best combination of guns for PUBG Mobile for better gameplay.

Best PUBG Mobile Gun Combination For better gameplay
Best PUBG Gun Combination

Indeed, the gun combination counts as the best strategy in the gameplay. There are many long-range and short-range guns available but the thing you need to do is to make the best combination. Well, through this blog post, we will help you to make the best PUBG gun combination.

Additionally, the important thing is that you need to make a combination of long-range and short-range guns. Because when you point an enemy near you at that time you can use the short-range gun that has high damage. Likewise, when you point an enemy far away then you can use the long-range gun to easily give him damage.

With years of experience in the PUBG Mobile game I have created a combination of some guns I hope this combination will be beneficial for you. So, without wasting your time let’s explore the best PUBG Mobile guns combination in 2023.

AWM with M416:

AWM with M416 is the best-ever combination of guns and it is also my favorite. It is a powerful sniper rifle and it gives very high damage in a single shoot. You can knock or even your enemies over a range of 150 meters without any falloff bullet.

AWM with M416 PUBG gun combination

The bullet of AWM falloff at the range of 697 meters. The bullet speed of AWM is 945 m/s and it hits the body with a power of 40,000. You can use the AWM gun for long-range with a scope of 4X, 6X, or 8X.

With AWM, M416 is the best combination because the M416 is a powerful gun used for both long and short ranges. M416 is a powerful gun and it has less recoil than other Asualt Riffles guns in PUBG.

Additionally, the reload speed is also high and has a high fire speed. Moreover, for short-range, it gives more high damage. You can use the M416 without scope or with a red dot, or 2x for a short distance. Moreover, you can add a total of 50 bullets with an extended mag.

DP-28 with UZI:

The DP-28 is a powerful auto-light machine gun for long distances. Due to its stability and less recoil, it is mostly used by enemies from a long distance. Moreover, it has high damage power and less recoil so you can easily shoot your enemy without losing your aim.

DP-28 with UZI  gun combination

Furthermore, the DP-28 can hold up to 47 rounds of ammo in the magazine. The body hit impact of DP-28 is 10,000 and it has auto-firing mode. The usage of DP-28 with UZI makes a good combination. The UZI gun is a one-hand firing gun and it has a very high firing speed.

One magazine contains 25 rounds of ammo and you can extend the rounds up to 35 using an extended mag. The maximum range of UZI is 100 meters but it is very suitable for close-range. The UZI is being used by a majority of PUBG players due to its high firing speed.

Groza with AUG A3:

Groza and AUG A3 make a good combination together. With the high power and firing speed you can use Groza for close range. And due to stability and less recoil, you can use AUG A3 for long range. Using both these guns is a good strategy on the battlefield.

Groza with AUG A3 PUBG gun
Groza+AUG A3

Groza is a powerful gun with high firing speed, it gives more damage than other AR guns. Its capacity to hold bullets is 30 rounds and you can increase rounds up to 40 using its extended mag. You will find it only on Airdrops and other mystery boxes.

In addition, AUG A3 is a powerful long and medium range. Mostly, it is used for long range and its stability is counted in the green section. It holds 30 rounds of 5.56x45mm ammo and can also be increased by using an extended mag.


What is the strongest gun in PUBG Mobile?

AWM the sniper riffle is considered the most powerful gun in PUBG Mobile. It has a range of 150 meters and high hit power.

Which PUBG gun has no recoil?

The AUG A3 gun has no recoil, it is a long-range powerful gun due to high stability.

Which is the most popular gun in PUBG Mobile?

The M416 assault rifle is the most popular gun in PUBG Mobile.

Can we use 8X in M416?

No, the 8X scope is only equipped with sniper rifles. So, you can’t use 8X in M416 or any other assault rifle.

End Remarks:

With my own experience in PUBG Mobile gaming, I have listed some of the best combinations of guns that make the gameplay more tricky. I myself use these gun combinations in my all games and I perform well for both close-range and long-range shots.

Also, tell us which gun combination you like the most and which is the best PUBG gun combination by checking the below multiple-choice question. Thank you for visiting MartAPKs.

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