Best Powerful Guns in PUBG Mobile Full Detail

PUBG Mobile Gun Reviews:

Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) Mobile is the number one online arena battle game with a huge number of features that makes the game more entertaining and enjoyable. If you are a PUBG player then you must know about the best powerful guns in PUBG Mobile.

Indeed, there are many powerful guns in PUBG that give more damage to enemies. Additionally, you can use these guns and for better stability, you can also use their requirements. So, today in this blog post will we will discuss the Best Powerful guns in PUBG Mobile along with their suitable requirements.

A powerful gun during gameplay provides great assistance in eliminating your enemies. If you can’t stable your gun during firing then we also have a solution. You need to add the correct equipment in the gun like Muzzle, Stock, Foregrip, etc are the essential equipment that makes a gun more stable during firing and reduces the recoil of your gun.

What are the Best powerful guns in PUBG Mobile:

There are many powerful guns in PUBG Mobile, but in this blog post, we will discuss the guns that are powerful as well as have the best stability. And we will also discuss how you can make your gun more stable and compatible during your gameplay. So, without wasting your time let’s explore the best powerful weapons.


M416 is my favorite due to its firing speed, look, stability, and also damage. Additionally, it sounds great during firing and reloading. M416 is a powerful gun that contains 40 rounds of the mag and you can also extend it by adding an extended mag.

M416 PUBG Gun

Furthermore, its firing speed is very high and gives more damage to your enemies. It is also included in long-range guns. You can use it for both long-range and close-range. In addition to its equipment, you can add a Muzzle to reduce the horizontal and vertical slight of the gun.

Also, you can add stock to reduce its recoil and gun shakiness. Moreover, you can add an extended mag to increase the reloading speed as well as you will get high-capacity rounds. Furthermore, the Foregrip is also important for the stability of your gun. You can also add scope up to 6X for long-distance firing.

You will find the M416 gun on the ground and you can use the 5.66mm ammo for firing. Additionally, you can get its Glacier skin and upgrade it for higher damage and stability. Due to its reloading and firing sound majority of PUBG players are its fans.


Groza is an Assault rifle that gives more damage than the M416. Additionally, it has the highest firing speed and highest damage. You can only use it for close-range firing. It contains 30 rounds of ammo and you can extend the ammo up to 40 using an AR extension mag.

Groza PUBG gun

You can also use 6X scope in Groza for long-range shots and also you can use muzzles to increase its stability. The Groza is found rarely, you can only find it in Airdrops, it is not found on the ground. So, to get this powerful PUBG gun you need to wait for an Airdrop.


AWM is the most powerful sniper rifle in the PUBG Mobile game. You can use the AWM to fire from a very long distance. Additionally, you can use 8X scope for long-range shots. Its range is very high than other sniper guns like M24 and Kar98. It gives very high damage likewise, you can knock a player wearing a Level 3 vest or helmet in one shot.


I a big fan of its firing and reloading sound, it sounds very amazing and thrilling. The AWM gun contains 5 rounds of 7.62mm bullets. You can also increase the bullets up to 7 by using its extension mag. Additionally, you can also use its equipment like a silencer to reduce its firing voice.


M762 is another powerful assault rifle(AR) gun in PUBG. The M762 gun has 3 modes of firing, auto, burst, and single fire. Mostly it is used for low-range guns due to its poor stability and recoil. The recoil of this gun is very high respect to other guns. And by adding its requirements you can maintain some of its stability.


The best thing about this powerful PUBG gun is that it has a burst mode of firing. Using the burst mode it releases 3 to 5 bullets at a time. Releasing more than 3 bullets gives more damage to your opponents. Using this gun for close-range shots is very beneficial for PUBG gamers. Also, this gun is found everywhere in the battleground.


MK14 is a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles) gun which means you can use these guns as assault and sniper rifles both. Moreover, MK14 is a powerful gun and it has three modes like auto, single, and burst. You can use its single mode for long-range shots, it supports high range and it has more power than other AR guns.


Additionally, for close-range, you can use its burst and auto modes. You can use up to 8X scope in this gun. Due to its high power, it is used for both close-range and long-range shots. It is rarely found in the battleground but mostly it is found in Airdrops. Using this gun in a battleground is very beneficial for PUBG players.


Which gun is the most powerful gun in PUBG Mobile?

The AWM Sniper Rifle is the most powerful gun in PUBG Mobile. Due to its high power and long range, it is considered the most powerful gun.

Which PUBG gun is best for TDM?

M416 is the best gun for TDM due to its high firing speed, stability, and reload speed.

Which PUBG Gun has the most damage for close-range?

AKM guns give more damage for close-range shots. It has the highest power and range than other guns.

Which type of gun kills fastest in PUBG?

Assault rifles (AR) guns kill the fastest in PUBG. Because AR guns have the highest firing speed and power.

End Remarks:

Here is the end of this blog post, well if you are searching for the best powerful guns in PUBG then you can choose any of the above for a better game experience. We have listed all the guns above, also tell us about your favorite gun from the above by choosing any of the below options. Thank you for visiting.

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