Top Best Mind Trick Games To Play in 2023 For Android

Best Mind Trick Games (Review):

Usually, most people are tired due to a lot of work and other circumstances and they can’t enjoy entertainment. To feel relaxed they pay attention to playing games that entertain them. If you want to relax your brain, this post benefits you. In this blog post are have explored some best mind trick games for android.

Today in this post we will introduce some mind trick games that make you feel good and you can also learn a lot of things. Additionally, these games help you to sharpen your mind. There are many games with different categories that are played by many people.

These games are entertaining as well as they are also educational. So, you can learn a lot of things and sharpen your mind by playing these types of games. So, let’s explore some of the mind tricks or IQ games.

Brain it on!- Physics Puzzles:

The Brain it on!- Physics Puzzles is an Andriod game that offers various challenges that are related to physics. In the beginning, the levels may be easy but when you pass the levels and move ahead then you will find difficult levels.

brain it on best mind trick game
Mind it on

You need to play the game using your brain and IQ power. If your thinking is strong then you can easily pass every single level without any complication. These games help you to check your brain’s thinking power and also make your brain think better in any situation.

The game is in the form of an APK that you can download from the Google Play store. Additionally, it is a lightweight application and also compatible with all android devices. So, if you want to solve physics problems then you can choose this game.

Features of Brain it On!- Physics Puzzles Game:

  • Physics-Based Questions: The game offers physics-based mind tricky questions that you can learn a lot of things.
  • Different Levels: Different levels are available, you need to pass a level to proceed to the next level.
  • Easy User interface: An easy user interface makes it easier for players to navigate and operate.
  • Secure and safe: Secure and trusted application, also it is available on Play Store and on other websites.

Candy Crush SEGA:

Candy Crush is the most popular game among all ages. Every individual plays the game with more excitement. The game contains 9000 levels, the beginning levels are quite simple and easy but when you move ahead you will find many complicated levels.

candy crush sega best mind trick game
Candy Crush

The levels can be done by your concentration and your mental abilities. To get points you need to make pairs of the same candies to blast them. The user interface of this game is very amazing and easy. Additionally, it also offers background music for a good user experience.

Features of Candy Crush Game:

  • Colorful Graphics: The gameplay offers charmy colorful graphics that make the user experience more entertaining.
  • 9000 Levels: Candy Crush offers 9000 game levels, by which players get a lot of content to play and they never feel bored.
  • Background & Candy Music: You will find good background music and also you will enjoy the blast of candies. That feels very entertaining while playing the game.
  • Secure: The game is safe and secure because it doesn’t contain any harmful programs, also it is available on the play store to download for free.


Minecraft game is now in trend, the majority of users play this video game. In this game, you can build virtual buildings, houses, parks, and many other things using different blocks. The game is very entertaining and mind tricky, you will get a lot of enjoyment.

minecraft best mind trick game

The Minecraft game offers three (3) game modes that are

1). Creative Mode: In creative mode, you will get all the resources to build different kinds of buildings, houses, and many more. Using your mind you can build well-designed things.
2). Survival Mode: In survival mode, you need to gather resources and make your shelter. You will not find all the resources like in the creative mode, here you need to find by yourself and defeat monsters for your survival.
3). Adventure Mode: In Adventure Mode, you can adventure other players’ maps, this is an interesting game mode and more enjoyable. Where you will find new things that are designed by other players.

Features of Minecraft Game:

  • Very enjoyable and entertaining game.
  • Easy to play.
  • Find adventures.
  • Fly around and observe the game.
  • Create your own things
  • Available on the play store to free download

End Remarks:

Finally, here is the end of today’s post about the Best Mind Trick Games. There are many other games that are only mind tricky, but the above-mentioned games offer ticks and enjoyment in the game. I hope you will try these games if you are a mind trick game lover.

All the above games are available on the play store, and all are free to download. Additionally, don’t forget to mention which one is your favorite and also provide a review of your experience with these games. Thank you!

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